kodi wol Wake on lan

kodi wol Wake on lan

Enable wake-on-lan under

Settings → System → Power saving → Try to wake remote servers on access

虽然基本操作不需要,但可以对存储在userdata 文件夹中的 wakeonlan.xml 文件进行一些额外的设置。

Sample ‘wakeonlan.xml’

netinittimeout [secs]time Kodi will wait for network to (re)connect when booting or after resuming from suspend-mode
netsettletime [milli secs]time to wait for network to be consistently connected before progressing
hostipaddress (or network name) of machine you want to wake up
pingportdefault 0 which will perform ordinary icmp ping. else a ‘connect’ attempt will be done to the specified port
pingmodeonly applicable if pingport!=0, if 1 will not only connect to pingport but also wait until data is actually read back
timeout [secs]specifies how long time (default 600) of inactivity must pass before a new ‘wake-on-lan’ check is performed. a good choice is to use same value as server’s idle-timeout before entering sleep-mode
waitonline [secs]time to wait for machine to wake up (advise is to set this to servers actual anticipated startup time)
waitonline2 [secs]time to perform extended wait for machine to wake up
waitservices [secs]additional time to wait after ping response, to allow server daemons to startup

有用的 pingport/pingmode 组合

  • pingport = 445 / pingmode = 0 - port 445由 samba(Windows 文件共享)使用,可用于“ping 探测”(但只能使用 pingmode = 0)
  • pingport = 3306 / pingmode = 1 - port 3306是默认的 MySQL 端口,如果你的服务器是 MySQL 主机,则很有用

如果你的服务器安装了这些服务,那么端口 21 (ftp)、22 (ssl)、23 (telnet) 也可能正常工作

当使用 pingport = 0(正常 icmp ping)时,建议使用 waitservices = (ca) 5 以允许服务器上的服务在服务器响应 ping 后启动。如果使用不同的 pingport,通常不需要添加额外的等待时间。

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